Tru Alo Group

Good news!

Music is one of the greatest counselling and free therapy we have in our universe. Music is for our soul and dancing is for our heart. Interestingly, Keliko people, one of the Equatorial communities who uses Adungu as medium to entertain, teach and encourage our community. Tru Alo Group our upcoming music group is here.

Copied directly from Tito Justine “Dear all, after posting several times about us, #Keliko and our youths with Adungu instruments, we have a request for a live radio show on popular Advance Youth Radio with details below. While in Juba, we gathered and briefed the team, sent their names, photos to the station as you can see below. Our youths will be talking about why we like the local instruments and the influence on our community. More so, they will talk on how they are copying in this COVID-19. This show on Friday 16 October 2020 is to raise our visibility so let’s support ourselves.”
However, as per Tito and Bosco Diadone one of us Said that this group being an active entertaining group are facing challenges – there is a need for transportation and new strings to fix the Adungus. Justine urge us to contribute to our youths who are doing good job on behalf of our visibility. Kindly, anyone within or outside the community yarning to support this group may contact Bosco here +211 920 070 952 or Hissen here +211 924 770 305 for urgent. Many of us with vehicles in Juba are kindly requested to help facilitate our youths’ transportation to the studio and back home.

We thank you all who are staying tuned with us while we continue to work forward for the wellbeing of out community. By Justine Tito