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BTAK Community Development Association (BTAKCDA) is a registered not-for-profit membership organization in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada, and it is a legal separate entity from its individual members; The Organization may acquire and dispose property in its own name, enter into contracts and is thoroughly entitled to petition or be petitioned;

BTAK Community Development Association activities and operations shall be guided by the principles of democracy freedom of expression; transparency; and accountability; as well bond by our values: boldness, transparency, Collaboration, Excellence, Communication and Integrity;

We view community development as a profession that integrates knowledge from many disciplines with theory, research, teaching, and practice as important and interdependent functions that are vital in the public and private sectors. We believe the community must be proactive by providing leadership to professionals and our community across the spectrum of community development. In so doing, we believe the Society must be open and responsive to the needs of its members through provisions and services which enhance professional development as we continue to support the community to integrate to our current society.

Values and Principles of Good Practice

  • In addition to BTAKCDA’s objectives and beliefs, the organization will be bound by the core Principles of Good Practice and follow the organisation’s values.
    ⦁ Encourage fair and equal participation toward enabling all community members to meaningfully influence the decisions that affect their lives.
    ⦁ Engage community members in learning about and understanding community issues, and the economic, social, environmental, political, psychological, and other impacts associated with alternative courses of action.
    ⦁ Incorporate the diverse interests and cultures of the community in the community development process; and disengage from support of any effort that is likely to adversely affect the disadvantaged members of a community.
    ⦁ Work actively to enhance the leadership capacity of community members, leaders, and groups within the community.
    ⦁ Be open to using the full range of action strategies to work toward the long-term sustainability and wellbeing of the community.


In every family there are always values in place so shall we all be bounded to the following values: 

i) Boldness – Exhibit courage and creativity in the community; 
ii) Collaboration – Encouraging spirit of TOGETHER WE CAN as our motto states; 
iii) Excellence – transcending the rest to be the best; 
iv) Communication – Effective sharing of information to ensure informed discussions; 
v) Integrity – Rely on diligency and honesty. 

vi) Transparency – Ensuring information is available at any time.

BTAKCDA Background

Ba Tru Alo Keliko Community Development Association was founded this year in 2020 to create a national and international network of community development researchers, practitioners, and policy makers with an interest in community development


The Board of Directors also referred to as the governing organ of the organisation is an elected body composed of The General assembly and Executive Committee.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly shall be the supreme body of BTAKCD consisting of all registered members who above all will set and determine the mission, vision and objectives of the organization, as well amend and ratify any proposed changes to the organization’s Constitution and make decisions by consultations and a simple majority vote.

Executive Committee:

 Administration and Functions  Without prejudice to other provisions in the organization’s Constitution the Executive Committee shall be composed of eight (8) officers who will overlook after the organization.
They will administer the daily activities of the organization by drawing up programs/projects and be responsible for their implementation.
There shall be three (3) categories of meetings in the organization: Annual General Meeting (AGM) which shall be held in January each year, unless it is deemed as an emergency; Regular General Meeting: This shall be held once every three months, that is in March, June, September and December; and, Special/or Emergency Meeting – this may be convened by the President or the Executive Committee to deal with issues of concern or when the need arises. Lastly, at least one Annual Conference will be conducted in the middle of every year.
Generally, the Directors serve as chairs of the standing committees. This arrangement creates a direct line of communication and accountability for the committee responsibilities.


BTAKCDA members represent a variety of fields: education, health care, social services, economic
development practitioners, immigration and more.

There are two yearly membership plans: One Time and Annual membership registration each requires renewal every year. 

Categories of Membership

There shall be three categories of Membership in the Organization:

Regular Membership

* Registered individuals of South Sudanese Kalikow progeny, 18 years and above of legal age and legal residents of Lethbridge Alberta.

* Associate members may pay membership fees/dues;

Associate Membership

* Associate Membership shall be all those individuals who do not qualify as full members.
* Associate Members do not have the right to vote, stand for election or appointment or represent BTAK Community Development Association in anyway;

Honorarmy Membership

An Honorary member shall:
* Be recognized individuals or organizations with demonstrable interest in the BTAK Community Development Association who have rendered notable and outstanding service to the organization.

* Have no voting right and not subject to memberships’ dues/fees requirements.

BTAKCDA Conversation Forums

Local networking opportunities result from involvement with BTAKCDA discussion forums that keep members informed of current development trends and concepts. Specific community needs and issues are addressed through forum activities. Forums may be formed for any appropriate area, that can be local, state, province, or regional.

BTAKCDA Connect Groups

To achieve the goal of integrating Kelikoz into our current developing Society, BTAK Community Development Association practitioners, researchers, and other intellectuals aims to provide more immediate ways to help the community take charge of changing context, challenges, and opportunities. At this point, the BTAK Board has created Connect Group, Google group, WhatsApp and Facebook, a social network for its members to meet and discuss, debate and facilitate topical ideas  among interested groups with common goal as well build networks as needed to advance the field of community development