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Volunteer opportunities

BTAK Community Development Association (BTAKCDA)

BTAKCDA will offer exciting community development opportunities for the Keliko community as a way of giving back to the community and as also as an avenue for enhancement of the skill set of our members. Volunteering helps a person to really immerse themselves in a culture within a community and to make a truly positive impact on the lives of others.

BTAKCDA members have diverse experience in running community development projects where potential volunteers can find a placement that will be beneficial to the volunteers. Some of the benefits our volunteers will gain are improving their grasp of the English language and job placement in future job openings

We have volunteer advisers who you can contact for advice on your volunteer options depending on your objectives. We encourage our volunteers to proactively engage the local community to establish potential areas of collaboration within the community.
BTAKCDA will also conduct regular reviews with our volunteers to monitor their progress and evaluate the success and impact to the volunteer and the community.