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professional development

Networking and professional development

The value of proper education cannot be overstated, the shrinking global economy means that jobs are hard to come by and the few jobs available need the right mix of skills and experience. BTAKCDA will promote the professional development of the Keliko people, which is key to success in life. Embracing professional development from an early age helps in bringing up children who are confident, self-reliant, and resourceful to the community and the globe.
Sharing of knowledge and experiences is key to developing human capacity and realizing one’s potential. BTAKCDA is committed to a prosperous Keliko community by assisting the Keliko people set up long-term and mutually beneficial relationships among themselves. Through networking, members of the Keliko community shall have opportunities to interact and share ideas that present new economic and academic opportunities.
BTAKCDA will organize high-impact networking and collaboration events to leverage on collective bargaining to build and maintain strong constructive relationships. These relationships will include policy and decision-makers where we lobby for the interests of the Keliko community. We will also focus on sharing best practices from other community development associations which will help in promoting dialogue and having a clear and united voice for the Keliko people.