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BTAK Community Development Association (BTAKCDA)

is a registered not-for-profit membership organization centred in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada, and it is a legal separate entity from its individual members; The Organization may acquire and dispose property in its own name, enter into contracts and is thoroughly entitled to petition or be petitioned.

BTAK Community Development Association activities and operations shall be guided by the principles of democracy freedom of expression; transparency; and accountability; as well bond by our values.

We view community development as a profession that integrates knowledge from many disciplines with theory, research, teaching, and practice as important and interdependent functions that are vital in the public and private sectors. We believe the community must be proactive by providing leadership to professionals and our community across the spectrum of community development. In so doing, we believe the Society must be open and responsive to the needs of its members through provisions and services which enhance professional development as we continue to support the community to integrate into our current developing society.