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Awards and Scholarships

BTAK Community Development Association (BTAKCDA)

The BTAKCDA awards and recognition committee has been set up to recognize and award exemplary individual performance by volunteer members of the community in any initiative or project. The awards appreciate and recognize the efforts made by a volunteer in contributing to the positive progress of the community. The awards will recognize the efforts throughout the year and nominations for the award will be by colleagues based on any field of expertise.

Winners of the award shall have demonstrated impeccable commitment to excellence in promoting the welfare of the Keliko community in their area of expertise with performance beyond normal expectations. The awards are reflection of the growth experienced by a member from making a positive impact to the community which gives them the life experiences needed to develop as a future leader. The awards are meant to reward members for selfless service to other members in the community.

The BTAKCDA finance committee shall avail funds for an annual scholarship program that will allow members to gain broader experience locally and internationally to improve the quality of the organization’s programs. Sponsored members will give back by volunteering in areas where they will be most impactful to the community.