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Local community Services

BTAK Community Development Association (BTAKCDA)

We also offer services that directly benefits the locals. Our representatives are always standby to answer any queries. Feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions on the services we offer or any other recommendation you may have for BTAKCDA in order to do better – all about wellbeing of our community.

  • Active listening, intervention, counselling and referral: on the phone or in person (by appointment or walk-in).
  • Workforce trainings offered by Jobline Nation Inc. one of our partners, reach them through
  • Legal clinic: free consultation with a lawyer on appointment basis.
  • Assistance in the filling out of official forms.
  • Persons suffering from depression and other problems.
  • Referral to existing resources and support to caregivers of elderly, ill or handicapped persons.
  • Promotion of programs on health-related subjects and social issues such as, Alzheimer, Cancer, healthy eating, conjugal violence, drug abuse, Diabetes, elder abuse and many more.
  • Widowers, persons grieving and experiencing a loss.
  • Individuals suffering from substance abuse, addiction and their families (e.g. drugs, alcohol).
  • Training on food production – Agriculture/farming.
  • Youth programs – after school programs .
  • Programs for seniors – elders .
  • Translations – different languages .