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BTAK Community Development Association (BTAKCDA) is a registered not-for-profit membership organization centred in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada, and it is a legal separate entity from its individual members; The Organization may acquire and dispose property in its own name, enter into contracts and is thoroughly entitled to petition or be petitioned.

BTAK Community Development Association activities and operations shall be guided by the principles of democracy freedom of expression; transparency; and accountability; as well bond under our values as follows:

i) Boldness – Exhibit courage and creativity in the community;
ii) Collaboration – Encouraging spirit of TOGETHER WE CAN as our motto states;
iii) Excellence – transcending the rest to be the best;
iv) Communication – Effective sharing of information to ensure informed discussions;
v) Integrity – Promote diligency and honesty.

vi) Transparency – Ensuring information is available at any time.

BTAKCDA shall not discriminate on the grounds of sex, clan/or race, religion, cultural heritage, political opinion, ethnicity or any other class whatsoever.

BTAKCD shall be constituted and nexus by province of Alberta’s and Federal Laws under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act


The objectives for which the organization is established are to… 
1) Unite together Keliko people for common good of Keliko community that is:

  •  Work together to build the emerging generation, who are without proper education, no jobs, easily lost into violence and never contribute to the human society.
  •  Help children to realize their potential, build self-esteem and confidence in the society.
  •  Create awareness, between parents, children and respect in the society.
  • Educate the children to become self-reliant at a tender age through educating the parents and the children at community level

2) To assist newcomer Keliko and their families in those areas as mentioned to utterly integrate and participate purposely in the South Sudanese,  and Diaspora Society or wherever they reside;
3) To seek and provide information and resources to strengthen the educational, cultural, social and economic capacities of the Keliko(s) in locally, nationally and internationally with full collaboration of those constitute/or organized Keliko communities all over the global
4) To foster unity and mutual understanding among and between Keliko(s) in the diaspora with full collaboration with those inSouth Sudan, East Africa and the surroundings;
5) To educate the members and the public about Keliko history, culture, traditions and the diversity of its people;
6) To work with professionals in the community and in the wider East African society to support members who are incapable and/or suffering from physical, mental, psychological or other devitalizing medical challenges;
7) To partner with the management of the Keliko Community Centre (Centre yet to-be-determined) to host events and activities that will promote the image and interest of Keliko(s) in the diaspora and globe at large;
8) To organize from time to time fundraising activities to support BTAKCD’s proposed projects and programs;
9) To assist members that are unemployed by liaising them to those that might know of job opportunities and other hiring organizations;
10) To work in cooperation with other local organizations for any purpose intended for the overall benefit of the members such as (but not limited to) collaboration for fundraising;
11) To serve as a medium and avenue between the South Sudanese community of Keliko in diaspora and the diplomatic missions of the Republic of South Sudanese Keliko internationally;