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BTAKCDA committees promote leadership and direction for the community in different areas and offer a great opportunity to become more engaged in BTAKCDA organisation. As follows is a list of committees and members in charge yet to be elected for more information on the committee and how you can become involved.

Awards and Recognition Committee

This committee will recognize the accomplishments of its volunteer community members’ activities and collect all the nominations sent by colleagues based on any field of expert.
This committee will approve the awards to our community recognized heroes.

Communications/Publications Committee

In addition to making recommendations to the board, this Committee is responsible for the design and development of communication networks among BTAKCDA members. Committee members oversee the content management of the BTAKCDA website; foresee and recommend policy to support communication needs in BTAKCDA; prepare and initiate an annual budget to the Board of Directors; and organize the process of appointing editors and blog writers.

Finance Committee

In addition to recommendations of policies and procedures for BTAKCDA Endowment and seeks financial support from foundations and corporations. The committee is also responsible for number of duties as follows:

The Treasurer committee shall be the chief financial and accounting officer of the organization to handle all monetary transactions and petty cash; Collect Memberships’ dues, issuing of receipts and make a timely deposits into the organization’s accounts. Give a copy of the constitution to every member upon receiving their membership dues.

This committee shall also maintain financial records including books of accounts; assets; liabilities; financial and banking transactions of the organization; Make available all financial records without any restrictions to auditors and the General Assembly.

They shall prepare the annual budget and present it to the General Assembly for approval and keep the organization informed of all the tax and revenue laws.

Further, this committee shall be a signatory of all organization’s financial documents for payment and banking accounts as well as chair all finance Committee meetings and responsible for fundraising activities.

International Committee

This Committee develops strong and productive inter-country communication, research and project links among BTAKCDA members and assists in broadening the international participation of the organization.

Marketing/Membership Committee

This committee’s roles include flourishing and implementing a far-reaching innovative plan that will nurture and sustain a fruitful BTAKCDA while adding value to the field and offering many opportunities for networking, skill development, and capacity building of organizations, people, and communities.

Nominations and Leadership Development Committee

The role of this committee is to foster the democratic process within BTAKCDA by conducting the election of officers following the organization’s constitution, identifying potential candidates for office, and communicating the opportunities for involvement in the leadership of the organisation to the members. 

Program Planning Committee

The role of the Program Planning Committee is to develop the programs – conferences, workshops, training, and events for the BTAKCDA in consultation with the Local Host Committee; as well as create opportunities for feedback and evaluation of already conducted programs. 

Location Committee

Allocate potential venues for BTAKCDA programs that can provide a peak learning network experience for the B-TAK community. 

Scholarly Activities Committee 

Expedite the advancement and implementation of initiatives/projects that support the activities of B-TAK members.