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Community events

BTAK Community Development Association (BTAKCDA)

BTAKCDA will focus on community engagements with the aim of promoting the image and interest of the Keliko community at large. Besides bringing people together, these events help in strengthening the connection among community members and in creating strong support networks and relationships. We will educate the members and the public about history, tradition, culture, and traditions of the Keliko people through these events as well as showcasing our diversity.

The BTAKCDA community events will also help integrate new Keliko families to the wider community. The program planning committee collects views from members before planning events to make sure that all members are attended to during these events. Our aim is to continuously increase the number of participants in the next event and this achieved through embracing feedback from members to make these events more and more entertaining and interactive.

These events will impact the communities directly through opening opportunities for interaction between members and improved welfare among Keliko members around the globe.